A Review of Kisspeptin and Its Receptors

kisspeptin peptide

Biologically, kisspeptin is a hypothalamic peptide hormone that acts as a ligand to G protein-coupled receptors on GnRH neurons. It is a neuroendocrinological regulator of animal reproduction. During puberty, kisspeptin is involved in the regulation of GnRH secretion and gonadal development. However, the precise role of kisspeptin in mammalian reproduction remains unclear. In this review, we summarize current research on kisspeptin signaling. We also discuss the potential importance of kisspeptin and its related substances in reproductive regulation in farm animals.

Kisspeptin and its receptors are found in many non-mammal species, including several teleost species. Kisspeptin is essential for the cyclical control of GnRH secretion and reproduction in mammals. It is also involved in reproduction in fish. It is thought to be vital in the regulation of reproductive function in farm animals.

Kisspeptin is a receptor that is widely distributed in the brain. Kisspeptin neurons are considered master players in the central control of mammalian reproduction. They are responsible for conveying essential homeostatic information to GnRH neurons.

Kisspeptin and its receptors have been shown to be involved in the control of puberty, ovarian and uterine development, and the development of gonadal function in mammals. However, the precise role of kisspeptin and its receptors in mammalian reproduction remains unclear.

The Kisspeptin and KISS1R receptors are expressed in a variety of mouse reproductive tissues. The Kiss1 gene encodes kisspeptin, which is then processed into several short bioactive peptides. In mammals, kisspeptin is encoded by the Kiss1 gene, which also encodes Kiss1Ra/GPR54-1 and Kiss1Rb/GPR54-2.


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