American Peptide Society

american peptide society

The American Peptide Society is a nonprofit organization that promotes peptide research. Its membership consists of more than 150 scientists from North America and more than 45 countries. The growth of peptide-related research around the world and the increasing interaction of peptide scientists with scientists from almost all fields of science motivated the establishment of this society.

The society is open to graduate students, postdocs, professionals and retired scientists. Membership in the American Peptide Society enables individuals to participate in meetings and submit technical papers and proposals. Additionally, members can attend the PacificChem Meetings at a discounted rate. The American Peptide Society also supports the research of students in the field.

The society hosts a biennial symposium where scientists can share their latest discoveries and learn about the latest developments in peptide science. The symposium covers topics related to synthesis, structure, function, and applications. It also features outstanding lectures. Many of the events are sponsored by industrial partners. Meeting proceedings are published after the event and list the symposium’s location and names of the symposium chairpersons.

The American Peptide Society is affiliated with the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), a coalition of 31 scientific societies. The organization represents more than 130,000 biomedical researchers from around the world and promotes research in the biological sciences and education.


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