Boost Libido and Stimulate Genital Circulation With PT 141 Men

pt 141 men

Men with low libido and erectile dysfunction (ED) need to feel sexually aroused in order to start the physical processes of getting an erection. PT 141, also known as bremelanotide is a compounded injectable prescription that has been clinically proven to boost libido, stimulate and increase physical arousal and genital circulation. This medication works differently than Viagra, Cialis and other oral ED medications. It acts directly on the nervous system to stimulate arousal rather than the vascular system to increase blood flow. This eliminates the risk of priapism and the headache that comes with many of the other ED drugs.

Unlike Viagra and Cialis which work through the vascular system, pt 141 targets the nervous system to increase arousal and sexual function in men and women. For men this means better erection strength, endurance and orgasm as well as increased sensation and desire for sex. For women this means better clitoral sensation and orgasm as well as improved desire and motivation for sex. The results can bring back the passion and intimacy in your relationship and relight that fire!

PT 141 is easily administered through a simple subcutaneous injection. The doctor will titrate your dosage to your unique physiology and metabolism. It takes anywhere from 2 – 4 hours for the medication to take effect. The results can last up to 72 hours or more. We often recommend that men and women dose with the medication right before they want to enjoy sexual activity.


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