BPC 157 and TB 500 – A Super-Peptide

bpc 157 and tb 500

BPC 157 and tb 500 are two very powerful recovery peptides that work in complementary ways to promote healing. Stacking them together provides an even more potent synergy than either peptide alone. The combination is often referred to as a “super-peptide.” Veterinary professionals have reported that when administered to animals suffering from injury or musculoskeletal problems, it accelerates healing through multiple pathways.

Both peptides are made from the amino acid threonine. They are similar in that they both are synthetically created and both mimic the structure of natural body protection compound (BPC). However, tb 500 is much more closely related to natural Thymosin beta-4. While both peptides showcase a powerful angiogenesis influence, tb 500 also displays anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects.

The key difference between tb 500 and bpc 157 is that tb 500 has a more systemic effect whereas bpc 157 is localized to the area of injection. Tb 500 enhances the migration of fibroblast cells into injured tissue to aid in the healing process. This is a very important step in the repair of any type of musculoskeletal injury. It can drastically increase the number of fibroblasts in damaged tissue and hasten the rate at which the injury is repaired.

TB 500 is typically supplied in powder form, and you must reassemble it to inject it. Most people recommend using a bacteriostatic water (BAC) for this purpose. It is a safer option for injections because it resists germs. BAC water is available from most online vendors that sell tb 500 and bpc 157%.


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