Bpc 157 Sublingual

bpc 157 sublingual

Bpc 157 sublingual is quickly becoming the darling of the bodybuilding, performance enhancing and nootropic spaces. It’s a powerful healing compound that’s being used to shut down inflammation, heal muscles & tendons as well as speed up recovery from injury. It’s a new frontier in healing peptide technology and is rapidly becoming a staple of many protocols for healing & optimization.

The benefits of bpc 157 are wide-ranging and include promoting muscle and tendon healing as well as aiding in the regeneration of the intestinal lining (via increased angiogenesis). In addition, it’s been shown to increase tyrosine uptake which is needed for the production of collagen. This is particularly useful for individuals with inflammatory gut conditions such as Crohn’s and IBS.

It’s also been shown to act as a powerful alcohol decontaminant by maintaining vascular integrity and counteracting the damage that can be caused by chronic alcohol consumption. It’s also been found to prevent apoptosis in the endothelium and inhibit the development of arterial plaques by blocking the inflammatory signal that activates smooth muscle cells.

It’s worth noting that a few users have experienced negative side effects from taking bpc 157, however these are generally only noticed at high doses. These usually consist of stomach concerns such as queasiness and mild sickness, which is likely a result of a large increase in cortisol production. Those who experience these side effects should consult with a practitioner to reduce the dosage or to layer it with other peptides that help prime the immune system such as Thymosin Alpha-1.


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