BPC 157 TB 500

bpc 157 tb 500

bpc 157 tb 500 is a synergistic blend of two important healing peptides. TB-500 & BPC-157 both stimulate wound healing by increasing the migration of fibroblasts and cells of the immune system to the injury site. This movement is facilitated by the protein actin, which is essential for cell migration.

BPC 157 and TB 500 both stimulate blood vessel growth, which is necessary for delivering immune and repair cells to the site of injury. These cells then release proteins that regulate extracellular matrix production and help wounds heal.

Both peptides can be administered subcutaneously or intra-articularly. Using a subcutaneous injection allows the peptide to penetrate into deeper tissue and reach injured areas quickly, without pain.

It’s also a safe and effective way to reduce inflammation in tissues and prevent adhesion formation that can cause chronic injuries. It’s used to help treat injuries such as sprains, strains and bruising.

When injected intra-articularly, bpc 157 can relieve various types of knee pain. Studies in animal models show that a single injection of BPC 157 or a combination of BPC 157 and TB 500 can reduce the pain of arthritis, osteoarthritis, and post-traumatic joint pain.

bpc 157 is also a potent anti-coagulant, preventing clots from forming in blood vessels and reducing the risk of bleeding during surgery or trauma. It has also been shown to normalize the FAK-Paxillin adhesion system, which may help doctors more effectively treat COVID infection (clotting disease) and other coagulation disorders.


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