C Peptide Test

Using a C-peptide test, you can determine whether your pancreas is healthy or not. It can also help you detect if your pancreas has a tumor. This test can also help you decide if you need to take insulin. It can also help you diagnose certain diseases, such as liver disease and Addison’s disease.

A high level of C-peptide in the blood indicates a high level of insulin resistance, which can be a sign of diabetes. High levels of C-peptide may also be seen in pregnancy and with certain diseases, such as Cushing’s syndrome and insulinoma. This type of test may require a blood sample, which can be done in a few different ways.

Usually, you will need to collect a sample of blood from a small vein in your arm. Your healthcare provider will then insert a thin needle into a tube and collect the blood. Your provider may need to put the container in the refrigerator before using it.

The test results will vary from laboratory to laboratory, so it is important to understand what the results mean. A low result may indicate a severe infection or liver disease. A high result may indicate type 2 diabetes, adult-onset autoimmune diabetes, or insulinoma. It may also indicate that your treatment is not working properly.

A normal result should range from 0.17 to 0.83 nmol/L. This level is the normal range for the C-peptide concentration in the blood. The higher the number, the higher the insulin production.


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