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Cerluten is a peptide complex that helps maintain and regulate your brain and central nervous system. Its aim is to target and selectively interact with different cells of the nervous system and brain tissues in order to boost the metabolism and enhance the function of these tissues.

The main function of the central nervous system is to receive different electrical signals and nerve impulses, send them through the brain to all the body’s cells, coordinate the functions of internal organs, and respond to environmental changes. But sometimes the central nervous system starts malfunctioning and causes various pathological states which lead to serious diseases.

To prevent this occurrence, the brain must be healthy. That is why Cerluten dietary supplement is recommended for all ages, especially elderly and people under stress.

It is based on the patented method of obtaining peptides, which are isolated from the cerebral cortex tissue of young, healthy animals. These peptides are extremely safe and have the capacity to improve the constitutional function of the central nervous system as well as the effectiveness of conventional therapy for various brain diseases and dysfunctions.

CERLUTEN LINGUAL food supplement is a natural peptide complex extracted from the brain tissues of calves no older than 12 months in sublingual form. This complex has a selective effect on the brain and nervous tissue, normalizes the metabolism in the cells and regulates their functions.

It is effective for complex recovery of central nervous system functions after diseases of different genesis, in the pathological states leading to violation of the brain functions, influence of external environment extreme factors, malnutrition and also at aging. It can be taken for one month in order to support the function of your central nervous system and brain.


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