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cerluten is a dietary supplement that contains the peptide complex A-5 (peptides extracted from the cerebral cortex of young animals). It has undergone many clinical studies to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

Clinical studies of cerluten showed that this bioregulator has complex restoration effect on the central nervous system in case of various diseases and pathological states causing disorders of brain functions, as well as in aging. The peptides of the cortex tissue have a selective action on different cells of the nervous tissues and brain, participate in their cellular metabolism, regulate their functional activity. In addition, a positive influence on the integral function of the brain – attention and bioelectric activity of the central nervous system was observed.

In particular, it was shown that the peptides of the brain cortex accelerate recovery of various brain injuries and increase mental capacity in patients with various disorders of the central nervous system. In particular, it was noted that the patients after treatment with cerluten were better at carrying out correction tasks and had lower error rate than the control group.

Peptide Stores recommends two 10-day courses of the basic peptides per year – Vladonix (nervous system), Cerluten (brain), Sigumir (joints and bones) and Ventfort (blood vessels). If a person often takes intercontinental flights, Endoluten (pineal) should also be added to this combination. The peptides of these products are safe and have no side effects. They are also easy to absorb and have a good biological activity.


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