Cerluten – The Brain Peptide Bioregulator


The central nervous system is the first and the most important regulator of all body functions. It sends different electrical signals and nerve impulses to all cells making them work properly. If there is a disturbance of the nervous system functioning due to adverse ecological factors or excessive emotional stress, many serious diseases and pathological states appear.

The brain peptides contained in cerluten are very effective to stabilize the work of the central nervous system and to reduce stress and fatigue. They help to increase the capacity of memory and attention, to restore and maintain the normal working of the glands and internal organs. The peptides also enhance the blood supply to all tissues, especially to the brain and spinal cord. Cerluten is recommended for all people over 35, particularly to those who are under high stress and suffering from disorders of the brain function, including depression, memory loss, lack of concentration and chronic fatigue syndrome. The peptides also accelerate rehabilitation after stroke and help to treat various brain injuries and diseases.

The peptide bioregulators are produced by the Russian company Garmonia in capsules of high quality. They are registered in Russia as food supplements and backed up with clinical / scientific results. The peptides are produced from the natural components of animal tissues such as skin, muscle, tendons and bone tissues. They are safe and sterile. They are also fully compatible with all other medications and nutritional supplements. Currently we offer the following peptides: Bonothyrk (Thyroid Peptide), Glandokort (Adrenal), Cerluten (Nervous system), Sigumir (Joints and bones), Svetinorm (Liver) and Chelohart (Heart).


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