Gold Peptide and Peptide Peptides

gold peptide

Gold nanoparticles can be synthesized from peptides by using a photochemical reduction process. The gold ions in the mixture are reduced by UV light, which forms nanoparticles on the peptide nanofibers. The photochemical reduction process is further enhanced by the presence of phenylalanine in the gold peptide. Further investigations are needed to determine the exact mechanism.

The gold-peptide composites have shown promising results in the fast reduction of the small-molecule pollutant p-nitrophenol. The reaction rate constant was found to be 0.057 min-1 at a concentration of 0.72 mM gold. The gold concentration was found to be crucial in determining the reaction rate constant.

In addition, gold platelets can be formed with a lower concentration of the peptide. Peptide concentration also plays a role in increasing the size of gold platelets. A concentration of 0.05 mg/mL of gold peptide can produce a gold platelet size of up to 125.5 mm.

Gold peptide creams and serums contain several peptides and other ingredients that improve the skin’s health. Some of them are known to reduce wrinkles and treat other skin conditions. Peptides with gold powder are beneficial for those who suffer from hyperpigmentation and dark skin. They are also good for those who want to improve their skin’s elasticity.


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