How Does Cartalax Work?


Cartalax is a short bioregulatory peptide that is a geroprotective and appears to reduce overall tissue aging. It is thought to work primarily via the fibroblasts. These are cells that are found in a wide variety of tissues including cartilage, skin, blood vessels and kidneys. Research indicates that it boosts cell proliferation and decreases apoptosis in these cells. It also changes levels of various cytokines and signaling molecules associated with senescence.

A number of diseases of the spine system and joints are caused by disorders of connective tissues and cartilage structures. Such problems cause a significant restriction of functional capacity in patients. The main pathology includes degenerative processes in the spinal canal, arthritis and osteochondrosis. It is important to prevent such disorders in advance using a comprehensive therapy.

The use of Cartalax as a peptide can normalize cartilage and spine tissue function. This dietary supplement can be used in conjunction with other groups of supplements that are used for the treatment of such diseases.

A key to the effectiveness of cartalax is its ability to restore a normal balance between proteolytic enzymes and their inhibitors. This balancing effect is called enzymatic homeostasis. Disruption of enzymatic homeostasis is the initial step in cartilage degradation. Cartalax restores this balance, preventing the breakdown of the cartilage matrix and subsequent synthesis of inflammatory cytokines.


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