Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Supplements

Collagen is a key protein in skin and bones. It helps promote wound healing, repair and maintain connective tissues such as tendons, ligaments and joints. It also supports a healthy immune system, reduces inflammation, and has antibacterial properties.

Hydrolyzed fish collagen supplements are a great way to get the benefits of collagen into your diet. They have a higher bioavailability than gelatin or bovine collagen (see our blog post on the difference between collagen and gelatin).

The peptides found in fish collagen are smaller, more digestible units of large protein molecules, which means they are absorbed more effectively. This makes them a good choice for those who have trouble taking traditional collagen products due to digestive issues or allergies.

Studies have shown that a high dose of fish collagen can significantly improve the elasticity of the skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. The collagen peptides are also known to reduce oxidative stress and increase skin oxygenation.

Marine collagen is a great source of the amino acids glycine and proline, which have been linked to improved skin hydration. Similarly, it is especially rich in hydroxyproline, an amino acid that’s important for joint health and stability.

It is also high in the amino acid lysine, which has been linked to a number of benefits including increased bone mineral density and lower levels of insulin resistance.

The peptides in collagen may be able to strengthen the immune system by helping to prevent infection, as well as help to balance blood sugar levels and improve insulin resistance in diabetics. Moreover, it may reduce inflammation and fight bacteria, which can help to heal wounds faster.


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