Improve Your Sexual Function With Peptide 141

PT 141 is an innovative new peptide hormone treatment that can help men and women improve sexual function. It works directly on the nervous system to increase libido and desire, helping to revitalize your sex life. It can also help to treat many of the causes of erectile dysfunction.

Unlike ED medications like Viagra and Cialis that work by opening blood flow through the vascular system, PT-141 is unique in that it binds to melanocortin receptors in the brain that signal increased arousal. It is injected subcutaneously in the fat deposit areas of the body, usually on the abdomen or the inner thigh. Once injected, the peptide hormone will be absorbed by your body to begin working.

It is known to stimulate the MC-4R, which stimulates sexual arousal and ejaculation in both men and women. It also stimulates the MC-1R, which activates DNA repair pathways to reduce cellular damage and prevent aging effects such as oxidative stress. It has been shown to decrease lipid peroxidation, increase basal metabolic rate, and increase calorie burning in the fat cells.

Originally developed as a tanning hormone, the peptide hormone Melanotan II (now called bremelanotide) was found to have an unexpected side effect of sexual arousal in nine out of ten original male test subjects. This led to a change in research direction, and the modern day medication is now used for treating sexual dysfunction in men and women and improving sexual function in both.


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