Lunasin – Chemopreventive and Anti-Cancer Activity


Several studies have shown that lunasin, a peptide from soybean, has chemopreventive and anti-cancer activities. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It has been found to be effective in preventing the development of cancers in animal models.

Lunasin is a 43-amino acid polypeptide with multiple functional domains. It has been found to inhibit oxidative DNA damage by preventing the generation of hydroxyl free radicals. It also prevents viral oncogene-induced mutation and transformation. It also inhibits the migration of cancer cells and the expression of signaling genes involved in metastasis.

Lunasin has been studied in cell culture and animal models. In cell culture, it inhibited the proliferation of wild-type cells and prevented transformation induced by chemical carcinogens. It also decreased the expression of NF-kappa-B, a component of the chain of biochemical events that cause inflammation. It also prevented the formation of tumors when applied topically. In mouse models, lunasin reduced the number of tumors caused by DMAB.

It also inhibited the apoptosis of wild-type cells and cell transformation induced by ras-oncogenes and carcinogens. It also inhibited the migration and extravasation of colon cancer cells. It also reduced interleukin-6, a key inflammatory mediator. It also inhibited the expression of NF-kappa-B and ERK, which are the main signaling transduction genes involved in metastasis. It also decreased the production of reactive oxygen species caused by LPS.

In animal models, lunasin also inhibited the migration and attachment of cancer cells to the extravasation of colon cancer cells. It decreased the number of tumors caused by DMAB and prevented the development of skin tumors.


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