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WEST PALM BEACH, FLA (July 11, 2014) – Maxim Peptide has a new and improved website that features special deals and a newly-updated research blog section. As the company’s name suggests, it specializes in providing top-quality peptides for scientific experiments. In addition, it is an important resource for those interested in peptides as potential pharmaceuticals.

A number of natural peptides have been demonstrated to be therapeutic, such as insulin and cyclosporine. The development of synthetic short peptides for therapeutic purposes is now becoming possible. These have a similar structure to a protein but are significantly shorter. This may reduce their side effects and increase the speed of absorption. It also provides an opportunity to test peptides in human clinical trials, a route that is typically closed to biological products due to cost and regulatory barriers.

To develop a reliable SRM assay, we scored MS2 spectra of a target peptide containing arginine and lysine against a reference proteome derived from 95,057 entries including isoforms (UniProt, release 2018/06) using MaxQuant software. For the SRM assay, we used a maximum precursor mass tolerance of 20 ppm and two missed cleavage sites. Carbamidomethylation of cysteine and methionine oxidation at protein N termini were specified as fixed modifications, and acetylation of cysteine and methionine were set as variable modification types.

When choosing a Peptide provider make sure you check the quality by looking at the testing that has been done. Look for high performance liquid chromatography testing to ensure the peptides are of good quality. Another thing to consider is the customer reviews on the company’s website and Reddit. If you see a lot of positive reviews this is a good sign that they have good quality peptides.


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