Melanotan 10mg

melanotan 10mg

Melanotan 10mg is a popular peptide used to induce melanogenesis (sunless tanning). It can also be used as a sexual stimulant and appetite suppressant. It is a synthetic analogue of the alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone and has been shown to increase libido, improve sexual function, suppress appetite and promote lean body mass. It is commonly sold by independent peptide laboratories and black market sellers who make it available to a wide variety of clients from the general public via social media and the internet.

This peptide is supplied as a freeze dried powder in a small vial. Once reconstituted it is usually mixed with a nasal spray and administered intranasally. This can be done in various ways, a common method is to mix it with a nasal spray bottle of sterile water which is then used to administer the medication in a nasal spray form. This is often preferred for ease of use and allows the peptide to be dosed more accurately.

It can also be injected into the fat layer of the skin using a syringe and needle. This is most commonly done in the stomach but can also be done in other sites such as the legs and buttocks. The injections can be given daily until the desired colour is achieved and then every week to maintain the tan. The use of melanotan is controversial and there are many people who claim to benefit from it. The TGA warns that those who sell this product online or through a private clinic must be aware of the strict advertising codes and Therapeutic Goods Act requirements for supplying these types of medications.


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