PEG MGF Peptide

A variant of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) which is found in muscles, bones, tendons and the brain, mechano growth factor allows athletes and bodybuilders to recover faster and increase hypertrophy. It is also able to stimulate muscle stem cells into becoming more active. When this is combined with other anabolic compounds, it can lead to a huge increase in lean muscle mass.

It has been shown in animal studies to slow down the onset of motor neuron loss and muscle weakness. In addition, it has been shown to significantly improve the ability of neurons to respond to damage by increasing the number of surviving neurons.

In the case of ischemic episodes, peg mgf peptide is a promising therapeutic compound. It prevents heart muscle cells from undergoing planned death in response to ischemia, and also aids in the regeneration of damaged tissue. Furthermore, it helps to stabilize cellular response by providing an adequate level of glucose and oxygen.

PEG MGF is also known to accelerate bone healing by stimulating osteoblast proliferation, thereby helping the body lay down new bone. It also improves ligament repair and may even offer a solution to saving teeth that are in danger of being extracted or replaced.

This peptide is available for purchase at Pure Rawz. However, it is a research chemical that requires further study and is therefore not suitable for human consumption. However, it has been shown to be safe when administered via injection.


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