PEG-MGF – What is it and How Does it Work?

peg mgf peptide

MGF (mechano growth factor) is an interesting peptide that has recently become popular among bodybuilders due to its ability to boost muscle growth and cure some muscle loss disorders. It also helps prevent protein breakdown, and it has been shown to improve recovery times after training. It is also known to stimulate bone growth.

The MGF peptide has a long half-life and does not degrade as quickly as other natural MGF, so it can be administered for extended periods of time. This allows for more consistent muscle growth and a greater number of muscles to be treated with each injection. In addition to being able to reduce muscle breakdown, MGF can also increase fat metabolism and promote bone growth.

MGF has been shown to promote osteoblast cell proliferation and speed up the bone-healing process in animal based scientific studies. Its unique property of enabling a more stable mechanism for travel within the bloodstream has been credited with its ability to help stabilize cellular response to an ischemic episode (lack of oxygen) following an event such as heart attack.

PEG-MGF (peptide pegyrilated MGF) is a derivative of the natural MGF hormone that has been attached to a polyethylene glycol molecular chain in order to increase its stability. This molecular structure also increases its oral bioavailability and subcutaneous absorption. It has been demonstrated to be a potent MGF activator and induces IGF-1 Ea and IGF-1 Eb receptor stimulation in humans, leading to improved muscle repair, enhanced fat metabolism and overall increases in lean body mass. It can be used as a standalone product or in conjunction with other peptides.


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