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peptide sciences

Peptides are compounds made up of several different alpha amino acids. These compounds are linked together by a peptide bond, which is a type of covalent chemical bond. This bond connects the C1 of one alpha amino acid to the N2 of another. These amino acids form a chain, and the bonds between the different amino acids play an important role in the biological processes that occur in the body.

Peptide Sciences uses the highest standards of quality control, and all of its products are guaranteed to be pure and high quality. They also follow all applicable federal and state privacy laws to ensure customer privacy. Peptide Sciences guarantees their customers that their information is never shared with any third parties and will never sell or use it for any other purpose.

Peptide Sciences accepts most major credit cards and offers both wholesale bulk and individual pricing. Quantity discounts are listed on each product’s page. Peptide Sciences also offers a variety of shipping options, including overnight and FedEx. International orders will usually take seven to ten business days to reach their destination. Customers can choose to register for an account or check out as a guest. Once registered, customers can access their order history and edit their account information.

Peptide Sciences uses both mass spectrometry and HPLC analysis to ensure the highest quality peptides and proteins. They also partner with rigorously approved manufacturers. Their products come in a variety of formats including injections and capsules. Some may also be delivered in topicals. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality peptides, which is an important factor in the production of pharmaceutical drugs.


If you are interested in consuming peptides, it is imperative to consult a medical professional! If any action is taken as a result of this content, we cannot be held liable for any damages. Click on the icon to learn more about why a medical consultation is mandatory!

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