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Peptides are the smallest building blocks of hormones your body’s endocrine system uses to regulate functions such as mood, metabolism, feelings of well-being, and growth. When peptide levels decline due to age, peptide therapy can restore the body’s natural peptides and hormones to promote cellular regrowth, muscle/joint recovery, sleep, and immune health.

At ageRejuvenation, our peptide treatment near me involves the administration of a specific chain of amino acids to elicit a desired physiological response from your body’s cells and tissues. This process is incredibly effective in the healing of muscular and skeletal ailments, improving the body’s immunity, increasing sexual performance, and supporting weight loss.

We use a variety of peptides including DIHEXA, which encourages synaptogenesis, the formation of new connections in your brain that are more powerful than brain-derived neurotrophic factor. This peptide has also been found to boost memory retention and is used in Alzheimer’s disease patients as well. We also use GHRP-6, a synthetic peptide that stimulates your body’s natural production of human growth hormone, for a greater boost in lean muscle and increased strength.

Depending on your particular concerns, we will develop a custom treatment plan that includes the use of various peptides. These peptides can be administered through intravenous injection, subcutaneously, or orally as capsules, creams, or serums. The most popular method is a subcutaneous injection under the skin in the abdominal area. This technique allows the peptide to penetrate more deeply into the muscle and be absorbed by the bloodstream much faster than if injected intravenously.


If you are interested in consuming peptides, it is imperative to consult a medical professional! If any action is taken as a result of this content, we cannot be held liable for any damages. Click on the icon to learn more about why a medical consultation is mandatory!

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