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The peptide hormone oxytocin plays a critical role in many of the body’s most important functions. It is known to improve mood, reduce anxiety and fear, enhance bonding with others, and promote healthy skin and reproduction. In addition, it is a potent anti-inflammatory. Other peptide hormones have also been shown to improve memory and cognitive performance, lower blood pressure, boost energy levels, and help manage weight gain or loss.

Peptides Direct is a website where you can find information about different peptide products and supplements. These are used to treat a variety of conditions, including inflammation, stress and depression, hair loss, and obesity. The peptides are formulated by medical professionals and can be taken orally or via injection. The injectable form is usually more potent and requires strict protocols and supervision.

CPPs penetrate biological membranes in a number of ways, but the mechanisms remain poorly understood. In general, arginine-rich CPPs are internalized into cells via endocytosis, while non-arginine-rich peptides enter the cell by direct translocation. Moreover, the penetration of CPPs into cells is dependent on the complementarity between their polar properties and the lipid bilayer environment.

Using a programmable self-assembling peptide vector, we have demonstrated that it can greatly enhance peptide cargo internalization into the cytoplasm by accelerating receptor-activated macropinocytosis. The cargo-accumulating micropinosomes can then rapidly translocate across the plasma membrane and form nanostructures in the cytoplasm, resulting in efficient cellular uptake of the cargo. In this way, a peptide-based therapeutic can be efficiently delivered to tumor cells, without the need for cellular uptake and cell sorting.


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