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Peptides Direct is a website that helps you get high-quality peptides from Canada’s top cGMP & ISO9001 certified laboratories. They work with only 100% Canadian peptides that are tested and verified for their quality. They have a huge selection of various peptides, all at an affordable price. Peptide therapy works differently based on the treatment type, but in general it helps to rebalance and reinforcing proteins of all types in the body. This can help with fat burning, muscle building, and even boosting the immune system. The treatment is mostly non-invasive, but some peptides are administered through injections. This kind of treatment is also used by many celebrities to maintain their figure and keep the aging process at bay. Some big Hollywood names like Sandra Bullock, Kourtney Kardashian, and Angelina Jolie use peptides regularly.

The peptides were cleaved from the resins using a solution of 95% trifluoroacetic acid, 2.5% H2O, and 2.5% tetraisopropylsilane (TIPS). The Fmoc-protected peptides were purified by HPLC (1260 Infinity, Agilent Technologies) equipped with a C8 column and isolated by lyophilization from the HPLC fractions.

The peptides were conjugated to a polymer to form pH- and redox-responsive coacervate microdroplets. This allowed a wide range of macromolecules to be rapidly recruited into the coacervates, including small peptides, enzymes as large as 430 kDa, and mRNAs, bypassing classical endocytic pathways. The resulting coacervate-mediated delivery bypasses the need for toxic transfection agents, and showed high bioactivity and selectivity. Y.S. designed and performed the experiments, analysed data, and wrote the manuscript. S.Y.L. helped with the EGFP and stapled peptide delivery studies.


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