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Peptides are small protein fragments that may be useful in a functional medicine approach to maintaining or restoring health. This includes lifestyle modifications, exercise, healthy diet and supplementation with hormone optimization and anti-aging peptides, amino acids, growth factors and antioxidants. Our peptides direct product line is designed to provide you with a variety of different peptides and peptide products for anti-aging, skin health, muscle building and weight loss.

A major milestone in the transition from the RNA world to our modern living world was the functional takeover of a ribozyme by a peptide encoded by its RNA. Although experimentally, the membrane-stabilizing peptide was found to favor vesicles containing it, the idea that a ribozyme might catalyze its own formation and thus initiate Darwinian evolution was considered implausible. We have successfully modeled this scene, but with one important modification: instead of assuming that the peptide could emerge as a function of the RNA, we assume that the ribozyme could be taken over by an RNA gene encoding the peptide.

The result is that both the peptides and the ribozyme can spread in the system, but that the two are difficult to co-spread, even if the peptide is more effective than the ribozyme (Figure S4). This is in accordance with the notion that information in the form of a peptide encoded by its own RNA gene would be more robust than the information in RNA itself. These observations suggest that the development of a general intracellular delivery system requires combining pH- and redox-responsive peptides with self-immolative moiety that facilitates the formation of coacervate microdroplets.


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