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PT-141 is a peptide that stimulates the melanocortin receptors in your brain. This helps to increase libido and sexual arousal. It works differently than other ED medications because it doesn’t act directly on the blood vessels to treat erectile dysfunction.

It is administered in the form of a nasal spray, troche, capsule, or injection for erectile dysfunction in men and HSDD (hypoactive sexual desire disorder) in women. It is an FDA approved treatment for ED that has also been shown to improve libido and sexual interest in premenopausal women with HSDD.

If it works as well in men as it has in women, pt 141 men could be a game-changer for millions of people. It might help save marriages, bring back fun in relationships, and resurrect a sexual Utopia tarted up in brightly colored Happy Meal packaging.

Unlike Viagra, which targets the blood vessels that cause erectile dysfunction, PT-141 binds to the melanocortin receptors and increases arousal and sexual arousal in the brain. It may also work to boost libido in premenopausal women with high levels of the hormone estrogen and a low level of the neurotransmitter dopamine.

In one study, a 2mg dose of PT-141 produced an erection in healthy men and men with ED after visual sexual stimulation. The erection lasted for approximately 30 minutes. However, in another study, a 10-20mg dose of PT-141 did not produce erections that lasted as long as those produced by a PDE-5 inhibitor, even in a male population with no history of erectile problems.


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