PT 141 Men

pt 141 men

pt 141 men

A growing number of men are looking for a non-prescription erectile dysfunction treatment to help with their sexual health and performance. While there are many medications available, such as PDE5 inhibitors, these treatments may not be suitable for everyone.

PT 141 Bremelanotide is a new and unique peptide that works to increase desire, arousal, and sexual function. It is a non-selective agonist of melanocortin receptors (MC1 through MC5), which are responsible for increasing arousal and enhancing the sexual experience in both women and men.

The primary benefits of PT 141 are higher sex drive and increased sexual desire, although it can also increase arousal and improve sexual clitoral sensation in women. The peptide has been clinically proven to treat ED and sex performance issues in both male and female patients.

Unlike drugs such as Viagra or Cialis, which work through the vascular system and only allow you to achieve an erection, PT 141 acts directly through your nervous system to boost arousal and increase desire, motivation, and satisfaction with sex. It provides you with more than just an erection, it gives you the motivation, desire and arousal that you need to reconnect with your partner.

If you’re ready to increase your sex drive, talk to one of our providers today about pt 141 peptide therapy. We offer this treatment in both subQ injection and nasal spray forms.

PT 141 is an excellent alternative to erectile dysfunction therapies such as PDE5 inhibitors. However, it is not recommended for men with blood pressure issues or heart conditions.


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