Sermorelin HGH

sermorelin hgh

Sermorelin HGH is an FDA approved therapy that can increase levels of growth hormone in the body. Growth hormone is an essential part of the body’s tissue building process. It increases lean muscle mass and helps reduce body fat. It’s also responsible for smooth skin.

Injections with Sermorelin can increase HGH production by triggering the pituitary gland to release more of this hormone. This is similar to the natural process.

The benefits of injectable Sermorelin include a gradual increase in HGH, increased energy and better health. The drug’s effects can be noticeable within six months of treatment.

Sermorelin is often used to treat children who have short stature or who may be experiencing a growth hormone deficiency. However, it has not been proven to treat adults.

The best place to receive injections of Sermorelin is in the lower outer thigh or upper abdomen. Soreness at the site of injection is usually temporary.

During your initial appointment, your doctor will review your medical history and discuss your treatment options. He or she will then assess your pituitary gland to ensure that it is producing enough HGH. After an exam and blood test, your doctor will prescribe a dosage of sermorelin and set up a plan for your individual care.

A typical dosage for Sermorelin is 0.2 to 0.3 mg per day. Your doctor will be able to recommend the appropriate dosage based on your age, weight, medical history, and current level of IGF-1.


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