Synthetic Peptide For Your Research and Development Needs

Synthetic peptide is a small polymer of amino acids that is useful for a wide range of experimental applications. LSBio offers high-quality synthetic peptides to enable your research and development needs.

The peptides are designed to interact with a specific protein target. This allows for the study of protein functions in a simplified system without the complications associated with studying recombinant proteins. The ability to rapidly make large quantities of peptides also allows for the testing of many different interactions within an experiment. The peptides are also much easier to handle and store than full-length proteins, making them ideal for studies that require many different targets.

Peptides are also useful in the creation of therapeutic drugs. GlobalData lists 21 peptide drugs in the pipeline for Covid-19, including four FDA-approved candidates for the treatment of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).

Synthetic peptides can also be used as antigens to generate antibodies. This is an important step in the development of a vaccine for microorganisms. A synthetic peptide can be more easily modified to include new strains and serotypes than a full-length protein, making it easier to generate custom antibodies for the correct response.

Until recently, manufacturers have generally avoided making peptides synthetically and have preferred the recombinant route of production. However, cost and quality control challenges have begun to change this attitude.

Successful solid-phase peptide synthesis depends on selecting the proper resin and coupling reagents. In addition, proper manipulation of the solvent environment is important to enhance deprotection and coupling efficiency. Adding polar solvents or chaotropic agents can be helpful in improving synthesis conditions. Spectrophotometric monitoring of deprotection and coupling can be used to detect problems and alter the synthesis process as necessary.


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