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american peptide society

The American Peptide Society (APS) is a non-profit organization that supports peptide science. Its members are involved in peptide research in academia, government, and industry. Currently, there are over 1,000 members in the APS. Many of them are involved in structure-activity relationship studies.

APS sponsors scientific meetings, conferences, and educational services. It publishes significant original research papers on peptides, as well as review articles. Members include scientists from more than thirty countries. APS also hosts a biennial symposium.

The American Peptide Society recognizes young scientists and scientists in the early stages of their careers as Young Investigators. These leaders will be recognized in a special issue of the journal Peptide Science. Some of the most promising young investigators in peptide science will present their work at the 2019 APS symposium.

The American Peptide Society is a nonprofit, member-driven organization dedicated to promoting peptide science. The APS holds a biennial symposium, which combines peptide scholars, students, and educators. In addition, the organization sponsors the Schram Young Investigators Oral Presentation Competition.

In addition, the APS supports young scientists through travel awards, the Young Investigators Award, and other programs. In 2018, the APS awarded an Early Career Lectureship Award to Caroline Proulx, an assistant professor at NC State University. Also, the APS awarded the du Vigneaud Award to Professor Alanna Schepartz from UCLA.

Attendees will discuss a variety of advances in peptide science. They will also have an opportunity to network with scientists from around the world.


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