The Anti-Aging Peptide Epithalamin


Among the many peptide preparations studied, epithalamin has shown some promising results in the control of genetic material and in restoring the function of organs. It also stimulates antioxidant defenses and immune function.

Anisimov did most of the work on epithalamin, but Professor Khavinson also helped to carry out studies on it. He is a gerontologist and the current Director of the Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology in Saint Petersburg. He has studied the pituitary gland for decades. He has also studied peptide preparations, which rejuvenate damaged cells and reverse the aging process.

Epitalon is a synthetic version of the natural peptide epithalamin. This peptide is produced by the pineal gland and is used in anti-aging research.

In mice, epithalamin treatment shortened the maximum size of tumors, and improved immune function. Epithalamin also decreased caspase-3 activity, a critical enzyme in apoptosis.

Epithalamin was also found to decrease the size of mammary tumors in mice. The mice also had a better lifespan. Epithalamin also enhanced the antioxidant capacity of the rats. It also stimulated the production of melatonin in the pineal gland.

Researchers also found that epithalamin improved the body’s ability to control lipid peroxidation. It also improved glucose and cortisol metabolism. Epithalamin also increased the level of telomerase, a component of the DNA that replicates the genetic material. It also decreased the production of luteinizing hormone.

Epithalamin has also been shown to improve the immune response of mice, preventing age-related declines in reproductive and immunological function. It also stimulates splenocytes, which are a type of fibroblast that contributes to healing. It also helps to protect other skin cells, which can be affected by aging.


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