The Benefits of Collagen and Marine Peptides

marine peptides

Collagen is an important protein found in our bodies and is a key player when it comes to preventing and treating wrinkles. Collagen also helps strengthen our bones and can improve digestion by healing the lining of our guts. It can help with skin elasticity and boosts hair health by keeping the scalp skin healthier. And a recent study has found that taking collagen as a supplement can help decrease bone loss that leads to osteoporosis, which is why it’s so beneficial to use as a beauty and wellness supplement.

Collagen can come from any animal, including bovine, porcine, chicken or fish, and is often sourced from the skin and scales of animals. But a newer option, marine collagen, is also available and provides a meat-free option for people who are opposed to using bovine or porcine sources for ethical or religious reasons.

Marine collagen is derived from the skin and scales of wild-caught fish, such as cod or salmon, and can be added to drinks, like smoothies, or taken in capsule form. It’s important to choose marine collagen that’s hydrolyzed, which makes it easier for the body to absorb, says Jampolis. It’s also important to look for sustainable sourcing and third-party testing. And since marine collagen is made from otherwise wasted fish skin and scales, it’s an environmentally conscious choice. Choosing a sustainable product will not only help the environment but also support the fishermen who provide this collagen.


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