The Gold Peptide – A Promising Platform For Intracellular Delivery of Therapeutics

gold peptide

Various research studies have shown that gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) can be used as peptides to prepare novel hybrid materials. Peptides are molecules that are combined with other biomolecules to create an effective formula. Peptides have proven to be extremely effective anti-aging agents because of their ability to build collagen in the skin. Peptides are also useful for sensing, catalysis, imaging, and photothermal therapy. They are a promising platform for intracellular delivery of therapeutics.

Peptide/gold-salt systems have been successfully fabricated with the aid of UV irradiation. This technique allows for on-site mineralization of gold ions. It also enables controlled solvent-dependent fabrication.

Solid-phase peptide synthesis is a versatile technique that can be used to manufacture gold-peptide bioconjugates. This process has shown promise in delivering bound metal complexes to cancer cells. Similarly, gold-peptide superstructures have shown potential for sensing, imaging, and photothermal therapy. In addition, Au NP-peptide nanoconjugates have shown rapid and robust binding to serum proteins. This indicates that Au NPs can be used as a platform for intracellular delivery of therapeutics. However, this mechanism remains to be fully understood.

The gold peptide’s best-known function is its ability to deliver the binding metal complexes to cancer cells. Peptides can also be used to synthesize metal-peptide superstructures. These can be produced in water or in a toluene-water biphasic system. This method can be used to produce tyrosine-rich short peptides.

Peptide Gold has proven to be a powerful anti-aging agent. It easily penetrates the skin and promotes skin regeneration. The formula is rich in plant extracts, natural peptides, and niacinamide. It also contains no parabens, mineral oil, or benzophenone.


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