Types of Biologically Active Peptides

Peptides are a kind of biologically active molecules. These molecules have the potential to inhibit the development of several diseases. They also have many other applications. For instance, they can be used as food additives. Some bioactive peptides are found in milk proteins.

Bioactive peptides are peptides that have been studied for their antibacterial, anticancer, and immune therapy properties. Most studies have been conducted in vitro. However, they have been also used in animal models. In addition, peptides have been investigated in the food industry.

One of the most promising sources of bioactive peptides is the marine organisms. These species offer a unique source of bioactive peptides with unique structural motifs. Several peptides have been obtained from these species over the last ten years. Several of these peptides show great promise for antimicrobial activity and cytotoxicity. Other peptides possess immunomodulating, analgesic, and photoprotective properties.

Marine peptides are in various stages of clinical development. While some have reached the clinical trials phase, others are still in pre-clinical testing. As a result, these peptides are very promising candidates for cancer treatment.

The peptides have exhibited promising antinociceptive effects in different pain models. They also showed neuroprotective and insecticidal activities. Interestingly, peptides reverted tolerance to opioids in mice.

Biologically active peptides are highly resistant to digestion, proteases, and enzymes that normally degrade proteins. They are released during food processing and absorbed through the gut.

Several types of biologically active peptides have been isolated from a wide variety of organisms. They include a- and b-toxins.


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