What Is Epithalamin?


Epithalamin is a polypeptide that has been found to extend the lifespan of mice, rats, and fruit flies. The active ingredient is a short four-amino acid peptide that is produced naturally by the pineal gland.

In addition to its antioxidant properties, epithalamin also has anti-aging properties. It increases the activity of the telomerase, a key RNA-dependent polymerase that adds a species-dependent telomere to the telomeres of the DNA. This allows for the replication of the DNA, which is crucial for cell regeneration.

One of the major reasons that aging occurs is the damage to the DNA. When this happens, it can lead to mutations that can cause cancerous cells. Eliminating oxygen free radicals is a great way to prevent these diseases.

Researchers have discovered that epithalamin regulates cytokines and other important biomolecules. It decreases inflammatory response, and stimulates the production of thymic serum factor. Furthermore, it is known to increase sensitivity to glucose.

Epithalamin has been shown to reduce the incidence of spontaneous tumors in old rats. Also, it improves the function of the eye retina in Campbell rats with retinitis pigmentosa. Moreover, it has shown to protect other skin cells.

Epitalon has also been shown to have anti-tumor effects. It has been used as a treatment in patients suffering from breast, colorectal, and colon cancer. It also has been shown to decrease the recurrence rate of cancer.

Epitalon was developed by a Russian professor, Vladimir Khavinson. He has been researching the pituitary glands and peptide preparations for decades. His work was focused on peptides that have the ability to regenerate damaged cells.


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