What Is GHRP 6?

ghrp 6

ghrp 6

GHRP-6 stimulates the secretion of growth hormone and blocks the hormone that inhibits it (somatostatin). This peptide also helps maintain the health of the pituitary gland. It is an odorless white powder that is injected subcutaneously into the muscle or abdomen. It is often used in combination with other peptides to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat. Its cytoprotective properties are also being studied.

In the early stages of wound healing, GHRP-6 significantly increases proliferation and differentiation of myofibroblasts while decreasing the production of proinflammatory cytokines such as TNF- and IL-1. This is thought to result in the formation of a more fibrosis-free extracellular matrix. GHRP-6 has also been shown to prevent hypertrophic scars (HTS) by modulating the proliferation and migration of stromal cells. It also inhibits the formation of neovessels by limiting the expression of endothelial cell adhesion molecules. GHRP-6 also has a potent anti-fibrotic effect in humans with chronic venous leg ulcers by inhibiting the inflammatory response and the neovascularization process.

A study in marine fish has demonstrated that GHRP-6, when added to the diet, significantly reduces gastric mucosal damage caused by water immersion restraint stress. In this study, the peptide was formulated using a chitosan/glycerol/oil/water (GGO) bilayer system. This method enables the inclusion of peptides in foodstuffs through a W/O emulsion consisting of a dispersed aqueous phase and a continuous oily phase. This approach opens a new path to investigate the effects and applications of GHRP-6 as an additive in fish feed.


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